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Discover Signature Massage Journeys

by Melissa-Jayne


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Discover Signature Massage Journeys by Melissa-Jayne 


It's something for the mind, the body and the soul - relaxing, divine, luxurious massages are designed to soothe and renew.




Enter a world for a moment where you are in a deep state of relaxation. Our professional massage therapists are dedicated to enhancing your sense of wellbeing with indulgent and truly effective treatments.

Let us take you on the journey to ultimate relaxation. 




-  Relaxation 

-  Therapeutic 


Relaxation Journey 

Let us take you on the journey to ultimate relaxation. Your therapists use light to medium pressure utilising gentle lymphatic techniques and rhythmic flowing movements. If you require a firmer pressure please ask your therapist.


Relaxation Massage Times & Pricing 

30 minutes | $50 

45 minutes | $70

60 minutes | $90

75 minutes | $110

90 minutes | $130

120 minutes | $185


Therapeutic Journey 

A firm but relaxing massage designed to invigorate and energise the body and mind, utilising a variety of massage techniques and gentle muscular stretching. This massage will revitalise even the weariest muscles, release toxins and alleviate stress and muscle tension tailored to your areas of concern.


Additional prices vary with more intense sessions. 






Massage Etiquette


We welcome guests to book in advance to secure your preferred reservation time and date. 


We recommend that you arrive 5 minutes prior to your treatment so you can commence your journey. 


Massages with Jayne promotes an environment of tranquillity and relaxation, therefore use of mobile phones is prohibited in the room.


Towels, Robes have been provided for your convenience. Professional draping is performed throughout the duration of your treatment.


The massage areas are designated male and female areas. These areas are a shared space with other guests and staff; we ask that you use robes and towels provided when moving around these areas.




The Future at Massages with Jayne 


Working hard on a new treatment concept. 

In 2020 we will see a new approach to wellbeing.



Designed by Melissa-Jayne 

A journey to celebrate your inner and outer zen. Begin with gentle meditation music session on a massage table, followed by a massage using active oils of empowerment and renewal, with a fusion of therapeutic techniques to increase your vital energy